Model Aerobatic Association of South Africa

Model Aerobatic Association of South Africa

Model Aerobatics Association of South Africa Home of Pattern Aerobatics Facebook page for Radio Controlled Aerobatics in South Africa

MAASA is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of SAMAA.

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F3A 2013 Archive pages

News Letter 1: Let the Games begin

Opening ceremony and other

Opening Ceremony Photos

Some team photos

Day 1

Day 1 to 4

Day 2

Day 3

Flight Draw Until day 4

Day 4


Flight draw for Semi-Finals

Semi-Final Results…

Final Round

F3A 2013 WC Team results

F3A 2013 WC Junior results

F3A 2013 WC Results

F3A 2013 WC Results All teams

Photo Pages

Judges .pdf(2M)

SA F3A Results history

Feedback received

SA Team Feedback

NZ Team Feedback