Model Aerobatic Association of South Africa

Model Aerobatic Association of South Africa

Model Aerobatics Association of South Africa Home of Pattern Aerobatics Facebook page for Radio Controlled Aerobatics in South Africa

MAASA is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of SAMAA.

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What is the appeal of Precision Aerobatics?

Precision Aerobatics is an addiction as well as an international sport that demands discipline. As with all addictions you need to TRY it before you can become hooked.

You need to understand the rules of the sport which are defined by the FAI Sporting code and amended for local use in the Sporting Code.

To become a proficient Aerobatic pilot takes years of practise and dedication but the improvement to your flying skills will be immediately apparent and the self satisfaction as each new skill is learnt and perfected will be on-going and can culminate in representing South Africa at the F3A World Championships

Joining MAASA is as easy as completing the application form and paying the prescribed membership fee.

Download the schedules. Do a bit of Reading and some practise. Check out the calendar of events for your next local event!!!


Aero-modelling in South Africa is regulated by SAMAA at National Level. MAASA is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of SAMAA, promoting Precision Aerobatic RC flying (F3A), also know as Pattern Aerobatics, nationally with the support of Regional Representatives.

The regional representatives host regional events, training clinics and promote MAASA in their provinces. A MAASA committee is elected at the AGM held at the MAASA South African Nationals around Easter every year. The MAASA constitution, sporting code and other regulatory documents can be found on the Documents Pages.

MAASA is an Association that promotes F3A Precision Aerobatics nationally and coordinates and supports the efforts of the regional representatives.

MAASA provides a basis for the uniform implementation of schedules, rules and regulations and judging criteria. MAASA has coordinated and established a formal Framework for the development of aerobatic pilots from Sportsman class to International F3A together with suitable aerobatic schedules that are updated every two years.

Feel free to send us your questions or join us on Facebook  to learn more.
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