Model Aerobatic Association of South Africa

Model Aerobatic Association of South Africa

Model Aerobatics Association of South Africa Home of Pattern Aerobatics Facebook page for Radio Controlled Aerobatics in South Africa

MAASA is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of SAMAA.

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MAASA National Scores and Calendar

MAASA pilots compete around the country. Each region holds monthly and League competitions that are open to Full members of MAASA from other regions. (Local Members are required to upgrade their membership to participate in other Regions or in the two National competitions) Each region hosts a Provincial Championship which is also a League. Scores at League events count towards qualifying for an invitation to the prestigious MAASA SA Masters competition. Each Year one of the regions also hosts the MAASA SA Nationals where the National Champion is crowned. The Nationals is open to all Full members of MAASA.

More details of the classes and promotion relegation rules can be found in the Sporting Code in the document section.

The Nationals are usually during April and the Masters in October.

Scores from League, Regional and National events are recorded on National Scoring system. The National Scores are maintained by the Chief Judge and published as below.

MAASA Schedules 2024/25

MAASA National Competition Rankings updated monthly by the Chief Judge

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