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Model Aerobatic Association of South Africa

Model Aerobatics Association of South Africa Home of Pattern Aerobatics Facebook page for Radio Controlled Aerobatics in South Africa

MAASA is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of SAMAA.

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Start Duration Province Venue Type Enter Now
2018-01-211 DayWCHRFMonthly
2018-01-281 DayGPNERFMonthly
2018-02-242 DaysNWKlerksdorp Radio FlyersProvincial
2018-02-251 DayWCTMFCLeague
2018-03-093 DaysWCHRFMonthly
2018-03-251 DayWCSMAALeague
2018-04-011 DayGPSnoopy's SquadronLeague
2018-04-081 DayNWKlerksdorp Radio FlyersLeague
2018-04-221 DayWCHRFMonthly
2018-04-274 DaysGPTBANationals
2018-05-271 DayWCAMSRCCLeague
2018-05-271 DayGPIrene Radio FlyersLeague
2018-06-101 DayNWKlerksdorp Radio FlyersLeague
2018-06-241 DayWCTMFCMonthly
2018-06-241 DayGPTBAMonthly
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